An expansion slot in the ESFFL has been awarded to the bradford shadowtalons from Bradford, Massachusetts. Owned by Jon Thatcher, former high school classmate of Commissioner Jeff Rogers, the shadowtalons are expected to be a highly competitive team. 32 years after taking a loss in the “Great Meatball Eating Contest of 1989,” the shadowtalons are using fantasy football as a means to seek revenge against the commissioner and his meatball eating prowess. (2-August-2021)

The wilmington walkers will be the fourth team not returning to the ESFFL this year, joining the wilmington penthouse, delmar tollrunners, and cuyahoga crunch. A total of 30 teams have submitted reserves indicating there is likely to be 30 or more teams in the league this season, given the potential for expansion teams. Commissioner Jeff has announced that the Sid number will be 3 this season. This means that once Initial Roster selection is complete, a free agent will be defined as any player on 2 or fewer teams, and such players can be added to teams, via the waiver process, until they are on 3 teams total. (21-July-2021)

The cyahoga crunch announced today that they are exiting the ESFFL following 16 seasons of play. In fact, with the exception of their beloved Cleveland Browns, the crunch owner has given up on watching NFL games due to the political direction the league has taken. (19-July-2021)

The delmar tollrunners have decided to exit the ESFFL citing their history of losing attention midway through the season. The tollrunners are calling it quits after 9 seasons. (18-July-2021)

Though the ESFFL schedule won’t be released until August 26, it was revealed today that the Johnson Cup Playoffs will begin in Week 14. Please note that there are NFL byes in Week 14, so plan accordingly. (10-July-2021)

The wilmington penthouse announced today that they will be exiting the league. Over their nine year history, the penthouse won two ESFFL Championships. (7-July-2021)

Rule Change RC2102 was unanimously passed by the Fantasy Board of today. This change eliminates the pre-season auction and replaces it with a more standard waiver period. The Official Rules for 2021 have been updated to reflect this change (22-June-2021).

The Official Rules for 2021 were posted today. Based on these news rules, the format for the ESFFL will change slightly from previous seasons. In the coming weeks, Commissioner Jeff will release a series of videos which explain the changes being made for the 2021 season. The changes stem from RC2009 which was passed in October 2020. The Official Rules also encompass RC2101 which was a modification made for expansion teams. Click on the links above to view further details, and feel free to contact Commissioner Jeff with any questions regarding the 2021 season. (26-April-2021)

Following the recent resignation of Jim Sullivan from the Fantasy Board of Governors, the open governor position was filled today. With the backing of the remaining four governors, the Commissioner offered the position to Ray Temple of the sochesco swampdrainers. Ray finished a close second in last year’s governor election. He has accepted the position and is looking forward to the challenges of planning for the upcoming 2021 season. The Commissioner would like to thank Governor Sullivan for his many contributions to the ESFFL, and also thanks Governor Temple for taking on this new commitment. (16-March-2021)

In a meeting with the Fantasy Board of Governors, the Commissioner announced that a move to the “Option 2” format is likely for the 2021 Season. Formal announcement and more specific information is expected in May. (1-March-2021)