The bear buffenuff joined the ESFFL in 2001. They were recruited into the league by ESFFL Commissioner Jeff Rogers. Owner Randy Miller is a current resident of Bear, Delaware, but was born in Buffalo, NY, and has been a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan. As such, Randy always maintains at least one Bills player on his roster. Sometimes that’s worked out for him and sometimes it hasn’t. Regardless, Randy purposely limits the number of Buffalo players on his roster to one or two per season, hence the team nickname “buffenuff.” Additionally, Randy claims that Buffalo Bill Cody is his 6th Cousin 4 times removed. Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but there is no debating the buffenuff have had more success in the ESFFL than the Bills have had in the NFL. In 2002, just their second year, the buffenuff put together and 11-2 regular season record, won a division title and went all the way to the Fantasy Bowl. They ended up just a few points short of a championship that season, but they returned to the Fantasy Bowl nine years later and defeated the elkton vickpups (now underdogs) in the most closely contested Fantasy Bowl in the history of the ESFFL, a 237-236 victory. Although the buffenuff haven’t returned to the big game since, they’ve remained an annual contender, currently occupying the #7 spot on the list of ESFFL All-Time Wins. After missing the Johnson Cup Playoffs in 2021, the buffenuff will surely re-load and make a run at a third trip to the Fantasy Bowl in 2022. (capsule last updated on 13-Feb-2022)

Years Active:2001 to Present
All-Time Record (through 2021):173-136-1
Championships Won:1 (2011)
Fantasy Bowl Appearances:2
Division Titles:5
Johnson Cup Playoff Appearances:10

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