The breckenridge pinkslippers joined the ESFFL in 2005. Owned by Steve Oliver, the pinkslippers were coerced into joining the league by Jim Sullivan, owner of the newlondon heavys. Sullivan provided the name “pinkslippers” to the Commissioner as a practical joke when they joined the league, but Oliver, perhaps out of spite, kept the name even when given the opportunity to change it by the Commissioner. The team name has caused much confusion over the years among league members who mistake the pinkslippers for a female-owned team. Sullivan and others might suggest that’s not a mistake. Regardless, the pinkslippers struggled in their first two years, finishing the regular season below the 0.500 mark each time. Then in their third year, as a 40:1 underdog, the pinkslippers caught lightning in a bottle. They advanced all the way to the Fantasy Bowl where they met another unlikely opponent, the expansion raystown ridgebacks (later known as the whiteclaycreek wolves). The pinkslippers came away from that game victorious by a narrow, 187 to 184 margin. Many league members regarded that championship as a bit fluky, but then the ‘slippers validated their standing in the league with a return to the championship game in 2014. They lost that game to the wilmington penthouse, but returned to the Fantasy Bowl again in 2017, this time winning their second Johnson Cup Championship, via a 199 to 195 victory over the ambler emus. The pinkslippers enter the 2022 having reached the Johnson Cup Playoffs in four of the last five years. They will look to continue that success and make it five of six in 2022.
(capsule last updated on 7-March-2022)

Years Active:2005 to Present
All-Time Record (through 2021):144-103-6
Championships Won:2 (2007, 2017)
Fantasy Bowl Appearances:3
Division Titles:6
Johnson Cup Playoff Appearances:9

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