The clammerin’clams entered the league in 2010 as part of a long con practical joke. Their owner, Travis Davis, is a long time friend of whiteclaycreek wolves’ owner Ryder Pingry. While spending a year sharing a Marriot extended stay apartment with Jeff Rogers, the ESFFL Commissioner, Travis came to learn about the league and his friend Ryder’s team, then known as the raystown ridgebacks. Travis entered the league using the pseudonym, Mitchell Dennison, so that Ryder would not identify the team as being owned by Travis. Mitchell Dennison of course was an anagram for “Dennis Mitchell,” the original menace whom Travis was emulating with this deception. Travis also used the geographic region “southjersey” for his clammerin’clams team as both homage to his college, Rowan University, and as another way to disguise himself from Ryder. The picture Travis submitted for the ESFFL Team Owner Directory for that inaugural season was that of, Michael Clarke Duncan, a large, strong, black man. Via emails he periodically sent to Ryder, Mitchell peppered flirtatious overtones at Ryder making him think a large, strong, homosexual black man was interested in a fostering a relationship with him. This charade lasted the entire season. And what a first season it was for the clammerin’clams. Led by discount dandies such as Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis, and Stevie Johnson, the clams reached the Fantasy Bowl. They fell victim to final week load management issues however, and fell to the coventrygreene manatees, 204-177. That ended the fun of the fantasy season for the clammerin’clams, but it didn’t stop the fun for Mitchell Dennison. He continued to send Ryder unsolicited suggestive emails and invited him to meet in person. Taken aback by this request, Ryder consulted his good friend Travis for his opinion on what to do. Travis suggested he meet Mitchell in a public place, so as to not offend or upset him. So Mitchell and Ryder agreed to meet at the Deer Park Tavern for a drink. Travis arrived at the rendezvous point early so he could find a hidden location where he could watch a nervous Ryder apprehensively await Mitchell’s arrival. After spying on Ryder for a few minutes Travis finally ended the ruse by informing Ryder he was in fact Mitchell Dennison. A few beers and a few laughs later, Ryder was able to go home a bit more relaxed. Travis, on the other hand, continued to creatively push the envelope, this time on behalf of the league. Over the years Travis has suggested rule changes, birthed the idea of the ESFFL Podcast, and took on the responsibility of monitoring the ESFFL’s Twitter Account. As a team, the clammerin’clams changed geography a couple times, moving to chesapeakecity, md, and later to carefree, az. While stationed in chesapeakecity, the clams reached a second Fantasy Bowl. This time, in 2015, they faced their division rival and a team they recruited into the league, the happyvalley endings (now known as the pleasantville renenegades). Once again the clammerin’clams came out on the losing end, 247-199. Despite the two Fantasy Bowl setbacks the clammerin’clams have continued battling. They won the last Consolation Bowl held in 2019, parlaying that win to the #1 Pick in the 2020 Player Redistribution Draft which became Lamar Jackson. Though Jackson’s presence hasn’t led the clammerin’clams back to the Johnson Cup Playoffs as of yet, the team does seemed poised for a return to prominence in 2022.
(capsule last updated on 18-April-2022)

Years Active:2010 to Present
All-Time Record (through 2021):100-75-2
Fantasy Bowl Appearances:2
Division Titles:3
Johnson Cup Playoff Appearances:6

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