The connecticut knights joined the ESFFL in 2001. The knights’ owner, Scott Harley was recruited into the league by his uncle, Jeff Rogers, owner of the bayfoxes and also commissioner of the league. As a senior in high school at the time he joined the league, Scott demonstrated some big time school spirit by naming his team after his high school (northpenn) and their mascot (knights). The team won their division and a playoff game that first year, losing in the semifinals to the eventual champion, brewster hellhounds. A year later Scott was in college at Penn State. He decided to keep the nickname, but change location to match his on-campus status. Thus the team became the happyvalley knights. Following graduation, Scott moved the team back home and renamed them the uppergwynedd knights. In 2012, Scott changed jobs and relocated to Connecticut in the process. The knights changed geography to oldsaybrook, and then clinton. Finally, in 2021, Scott responded to other areas of the state clamoring for representation, thus changing his team’s name one more time to the connecticut knights. Despite the constant change, success has remained. The knights have been surprisingly consistent, especially of late. Their six-year streak of appearances in the Johnson Cup Playoffs is now the league’s longest current streak, displacing the emus who failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2022. Although the knights have never surpassed the semifinals in the Johnson Cup Playoffs, it seems like they are primed for a breakthrough season in the near future.
(capsule last updated on 1-April-2023)

Years Active:2001 to Present
All-Time Record (through 2021):154-157-5
Division Titles:5
Johnson Cup Playoff Appearances:12

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