The elkton fightin’filipinos joined the ESFFL in 2003. They were recruited into the league by newlondon heavys’ owner Jim Sullivan. After toiling away for their first five years of their existence, the filipinos finally broke through with a Division Title and their first Johnson Cup Playoff appearance in 2008. They battled the full season long with their longtime rival bluehoagies that year, a battle which ended in one of the closest division races in league history. Both the filipinos and bluehoagies finished that regular season with identical 8-4-1 records. The filipinos won the Division Title via the total points tie-breaker with just a six point advantage. Unfortunately, the filipinos were quickly dispatched in the first round of the Johnson Cup Playoffs by the team finishing in third place in their division that year, the breckenridge pinkslippers. The fightin’filipinos completed their best season to-date in 2013, when they once again finished the regular tied for a Division Title with one of their biggest rivals. This time they finished the regular season tied with the coventrygreene manatees. Each team had a 10-3 record, but the filipinos took the title with a total points advantage of just nine points. Their stellar record earned them a bye in the first round of the Johnson Cup Playoffs this time, but they lost the next week to the ambler emus, and then watched helplessly as the manatees took home the Title. While greatness in the Johnson Cup Playoffs has eluded them to-date, the fightin’filipinos have achieved success in the Consolation Playoffs, having reached the Consolation Bowl three times, winning once in 2012. The fightin’filipinos have not reached the Johnson Cup Playoffs since their last Division Title in 2013. That’s the longest current playoff drought in the league, but with the benefit of the #2 draft slot in the PREFARD, the filipinos will look to turn around their luck in 2022.
(capsule last updated on 2-March-2022)

Years Active:2003 to Present
All-Time Record (through 2021):112-161-7
Division Titles:2
Johnson Cup Playoff Appearances:2

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