The fogcity unicorns entered the league in 2016. Their owner, Justin Skaife, a long-time member of the Greater Oxford Poker Tour was ushered into the league by fellow GOPTer, Chris Bowen, owner of the now defunct coventrygreene manatees. The unicorns enjoyed their best season in 2017 when they won a division title and advanced all the way to the ESFFL Final Four, eventually losing to their archnemisis, the breckenridge pinkslippers. Since then, the unicorns have had their struggles but appear to be on the right track this season, drafting a pair of Kansas City Chiefs with the first picks of the inaugural Player Redistribution & Free Agent/Rookie Draft, those being Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. The pinkslippers and the league at large are on notice!

  • Years Active: 2016 to Present
  • All-Time Record (through 2020): 25-44-0
  • Division Titles: 1
  • Playoff Appearances: 1