The origins of the bluehoagies franchise date back to 2003, when friend, colleague, and owner of the newlondon heavys, Jim Sullivan, convinced bluehoagies’ owner, Joe Wachs to join the ESFFL. The franchise was originally headquartered in Oxford, Pennsylvania, but moved to Landenberg in 2014. Rumors suggest that Joe had grown tired of living in the same neighborhood as his rival, breckenridge pinkslippers’ owner Steve Oliver, so he took up a new residence adjacent to the White Clay Creek Preserve. While the bluehoagies have never broken through with an ESFFL Championship Game appearance, they have appeared in the Johnson Cup Playoffs ten times and were twice victorious in the ESFFL Consolation Bowl. They are one of just three teams to accomplish that feat. The bluehoagies were also a part of one of the biggest controversies in the history of the ESFFL. During the 2019 Johnson Cup Playoffs, a miscommunication between Wachs and the Commissioner regarding a free agent move led the Commissioner to insist upon a significant change in league format, one which enabled owners to enter their free agent moves directly into the league management system. The new format, often referred to as “Option 2” went into effect in 2021. The bluehoagies were slow to adjust to the new format and ended the 2021 season with a 2-11 record, their worst seasonal result in their 19-year history. Rumors abound that the bluehoagies may call it quits following their disappointing 2021 season, but given the fact they have the #1 overall draft slot in the the 2022 PREFARD, the bluehoagies are set up for a return to prominence should they return for what would be their 20th season.
(capsule last updated on 27-Feb-2022)

Years Active:2003 to Present
All-Time Record (through 2021):143-129-5
Division Titles:4
Johnson Cup Playoff Appearances:10

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