The peeps are the frequent travelers of the ESFFL. They joined the league in 1995 as the northpenn guiens and just a year later team owner Susan Sidoriak hitched up her wagons and moved the team to Audubon, PA. In the process she renamed her team the audubon bons. Four years later and another move ensued. This time the team became the collegeville ins. Evidently uncomfortable with the “villain” persona, Susan changed names once again just a year later, this time going with perkvalley peeps. That team name lasted 19 years, but another move ensued. This time Susan kept the peeps nickname but took on a new geographic modifier, thus becoming the team we now know as the phoenixville peeps. Despite all the movement the peeps have always been consistent with their performance. They have also been consistent with their players. Season to season, the peeps are typically one of the teams making the fewest free agent moves. But that has typically been a winning formula for them as they have qualified for the Johnson Cup Playoffs 13 total times, twice reaching the Fantasy Bowl.
Fun Fact: The peeps owner Susan is also the owner of a graphic design and photography business and is the official graphic designer of the ESFFL. She has designed many of the ESFFL logos and souvenir gift items.
(capsule last updated on 1-April-2023)

Years Active:1995 to Present
All-Time Record (through 2021):191-211-7
Fantasy Bowl Appearances:2
Division Titles:4
Johnson Cup Playoff Appearances:13

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